Triquetra Technologies goes beyond the concept of synchronizing latent talent with DoD requirements by expanding the scope of operations to support not just our part time Veteran employees but to include other Veterans " in need ". In 2010, Triquetra created its own community service program known as the "Storehouse of Faithfulness" or "SoF". The aim of SoF is to set aside a significant portion of profits for the people who make Triquetra great -- the local and national Veteran populations. T2 began earnestly by providing educational support by sponsoring a scholarship to a nationally recognized university. Concurrently, we partnered with the Wounded Warrior program and with great conviction, we leaped into other areas such as: Supporting our Troops, Campus Crusade's for Military Ministry, Joplin Missouri Relief Efforts, The Natasha House (whose focus is on homeless women and children),and most recently, Operation First Response. A cornerstone of our business model, the biblical mandate "to whom much is given much is expected" was etched on our hearts. We continue to search for ways to serve those in need.