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Triquetra Technologies, Inc. (T2), is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) providing All Source Intelligence, Information Technology (IT), Knowledge Management (KM), Training, Advisory & Assistance and Programmatic Support services. Triquetra Technologies, Inc. holds significant DoD credentials, deep mission experience, and relevant past performance. T2 provides the DoD with direct wartime assistance to the US Army's managed support to NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan, USCENTCOM, and the DIA. Our work focuses on providing direct and reachback Intelligence support to the United States Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A) operating within the Combined Joint Operations Area - Afghanistan (CJOA-A). We continue to exceed our customer operational and technical requirements and have received numerous letters of recommendations.

We provide a highly qualified and proven Information Technology expertise. These services include: (1) Enterprise system administration and operations, (2) Senior advisory and assistance staffing, (3) KM infrastructure, development, training, and maintenance, (4) OCONUS theater contingency and sustainment capabilities. T2 provides project management, training, and customer support services for both CONUS and OCONUS operations supporting key IT initiatives within the Intelligence Community (IC). T2 focuses on comprehensive, cost-effective capabilities using proven industry standard project management, service delivery and quality assurance methodologies and practices. T2 is a stable, low-risk, Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) prime that is exceptionally trusted and capable. T2 has become one of the fastest growing woman owned small businesses in the United States. Triquetra's Corporate Headquarters are in Newport News, Virginia.

Our Story

Triquetra Technologies, Incorporated (T2) has a short, but distinctive history. In just a few years, T2 has become one of the fastest growing woman owned small businesses in the United States. Triquetra's Corporate Headquarters are in Newport News, Virginia (near Langley AFB). We have additional offices in Colorado Springs, CO (near Peterson AFB, the Air Force Academy and Fort Carson), and Orlando, FL (just north of CENTCOM headquarters). T2 is strategically located to meet the needs of key DoD clients. In addition, T2 serves alongside our customers at multiple locations throughout the CENTCOM Area of Operations. We are also a member of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.

T2 operates on a unique business model. The owners, Tom and Terri Richards, developed a unique model that could serve both the Government and military Veterans equally well. The main idea was to utilize the latent potential inherent in retired and separated Department of Defense personnel who became employed in other non-military occupations after their service was complete, but who still had time to contribute to Government challenges on a part time basis. This latent potential appeared to be an untapped market and therefore we embraced and ignited this concept – and T2 was born. T2 was anxious to test out the "new model" and in 2008, we leaped off the ground and a new era of corporate production had begun. The model was tested and developed in 2009, where several "part time" employees were leveraged against growing projects, which they engaged with great success. By 2010, the second part of the model began taking shape; where several aspects of the model were adjusted and refined in order to meet the changing requirements of both Government and Industry needs.

Triquetra Technologies is best known for our unique and intuitive understanding of both our customer's and our communities' needs. Through our relationships with people, programs and communities, we are able to effectively partner with large and small businesses to facilitate the access to and inclusion of highly qualified subject matter experts into all levels of warfighter planning and operations. In our wartime support function, our staff of Veterans consistently exceeds our customers' expectations and always meets their requirements, no matter what, anywhere and anytime in the world.